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South African-born actor, Benedikt Sebastian, is a talented performer in both serious and comedic roles.


He grew up in South Africa's theater and film industry, where his love of drama led him to study theatrical arts. He excelled in the LAMDA (London Academy of Dramatic Arts) exam and completed it with distinction.


In addition to his theater and film training, he completed all levels of improv at The Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) and Groundlings. He also studied at Second City and The World's Greatest Improv School (WGIS), where he is part of an improv team.


Benedikt is versatile and can perform physically demanding roles, stunts, and comedic characters with ease. He also has a talent for accents and dialects.


With over 20 film and TV credits and 30+ commercials, he is dedicated to the entertainment industry and loves creating.

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