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Benedikt Sebastian is an award winning, multidimensional artist, writer and actor, based in Los Angeles. He has a Bachelors in Visual Communication and a Masters in Creative Writing, which afford him the ability to flow effortlessly through different mediums, from music and film to print, photography, digital illustration and painting. As a well traveled artist and multidisciplinary creator he is inspired by the organic ebb and flow of life and the way that chaos ensues perfectly around us. The mediums he work in contain different approaches, with his photography he captures unique elements and landscapes with a minimalist and dark sense of humor, whilst hinting to a larger narrative. His paintings are mixed media in acrylic, pen and pencil and embedded within abstract expressionist ideologies as opposed to his digital illustrations that flow from a traditional abstract point of view. 


The collection of Nature was inspired by the change of seasons as we faced things head on during 2020 - 2021. The feeling was that transition became more apparent and we became more aware of our outside influences and circumstances.

The ideas are subjects of interest that I constantly visit.


2010 - present
2010 - present
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